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Do It Yourself

We often get the questions:

Can anyone do this?

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We have taken all of the scientific research and techniques and have boiled them all down into an exclusive, one-of-a-kind, and easy-to-use program that anyone can use to reduce the Electromagnetic Radiation exposure of their family, children, and even their pets.

According to The Cadwallader Protocol, the proprietary solution only available on,

you will measure all 4 sources of Electromagnetic Radiation:

  1. Magnetic Radiation
  2. Electric Radiation
  3. Wireless / WiFi Radiation (also called RF or Microwave Radiation)
  4. Dirty Electricity

We have taken great lengths to research the current meters available to determine the easiest meters to use at the best price.

We have also put together over 45 videos which are used in conjunction with The Cadwallader Protocol. These videos are mostly 2 to 4 minutes in length.  The first video in each module will show you how to use each meter.  The following videos will then show you how to measure every room in your home with that meter. We also have videos that show hazards  outside your home that may be bleeding into your home.  We have put the videos on-line in an exclusive Membership Logon on

Any device:

  • iPhone or Cell Phone,
  • iPad or Tablet or
  • Kindle

can access the videos from the room you are currently in.


As part of The Cadwallader Protocol, we have also included an Audit Report. This Audit Report has been developed after surveying all of the available techniques for measuring Electromagnetic Radiation. It lists all of the rooms and items in each room that could cause an issue.  We wanted make sure you did not miss any items.

These video modules cover:

  • Each room in the home
  • Items in a home that could be in any room,
  • Home Office and Personal Electronic Devices, and
  • Items outside your home that could cause issues.

Most importantly, we have listed the most up-to-date Safety Values for each type of Electromagnetic Radiation:

  1. Magnetic Radiation
  2. Electric Radiation
  3. Wireless / WiFi Radiation (also called RF or Microwave Radiation)
  4. Dirty Electricity

With these Safety Values you can then reduce the Electromagnetic Radiation to be within the Safety Values.

There are very easy ways you can reduce Electromagnetic Radiation in each and every video.

Very important, if you don’t have the meters we have suggested, please send an email to:

so we can provide the Safety Values for your meters.  Meters measure in different units, so it is imperative that you have the correct Safety Values for the meters you are using.

Why not start today in reducing your Electromagnetic Radiation exposure of your family, children, and pets.

What is holding  you back?

Welcome to Stop Dirty Electricity

Welcome to Stop Dirty Electricity

Bill CadwalladerHey, this is Bill Cadwallader with

I have many things to chat with you about Electromagnetic Radiation.

You say, what is Electromagnetic Radiation?

This harmful radiation is caused by our modern day lifestyle and the myriad of electronics that surround us today.

We will be discussing the sources of this radiation and how you, in most cases, can reduce over 90% of this radiation by taking some simple, easy-to-do steps to protect your home, family, kids, environment and yes, even your pets – please don’t forget your pets.

Before I forget, if you have not received my free report on

10 Things You can do NOW to Minimize Radiation Exposure in your HOME

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The first radiation is Electric.


This Electric Radiation is now present in almost all homes.  A major source of Electric Radiation is the wiring in your walls and any visible wires.We can reduce the effect of this radiation with a few, easy steps.

Recently we did an home audit for a couple where the man was very skeptical.

When I followed up with the wife a few days later, she had to admit, she had the best night’s sleep – in as long as she could remember! The next time I spoke with her, her husband – you remember the skeptic – had to admit, he couldn’t remember when he had slept so well.

Boy, am I happy to hear this common result again, and again.

Another type is Magnetic Radiation.

Magnetic Radiation is produced any time electricity is flowing through a wire.

Many articles have been written about Magnetic Radiation and the effects are normally reduced just by moving 2 to 6 feet away.

A third type of radiation is Wireless / WiFi / RF radiation. This is caused by many modern electronics like cell phones, tablets, baby monitors, cell towers, etc.

box risks

If you’re not using a wireless electronic device then just turn it off or put it into airplane mode turned ON and Bluetooth & WiFi turned OFF.

The free report –

10 Things You can do NOW to Minimize Radiation Exposure in your HOME

  • deals with quick and easy ways to reduce your exposure to Wireless / WiFi / RF radiation.

Finally, the 4th type of Electromagnetic Radiation is termed Dirty Electricity.


It is sad, but La Quinta Middle School had off-the-chart high Dirty Electricity levels.  Unfortunately, 16 teachers had 18 cancers at the school and several have died.

I know one teacher personally, she said the very day she started, she found out that one teacher had died of cancer and 2 others had cancer. After teaching there for 3 years, she realized nothing was going to be done and she moved on to a different school.

And if that is not bad enough, at last count, we know up to 37 students attending that school who developed cancer starting in their 20’s – with one student at age 15.

We will be discussing all of these radiations and how to get rid of them on this site.

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Hope to hear your own comments when you begin to follow these tips.