Client Home Inspection Testimonials

When I moved to the Las Vegas area 2 years ago, EMF damaged me so much, I was hobbling with a cane after 17 months. The joint pain was awful. William Cadwallader, helped me so much, I consider him a national treasure! Seriously! Before he came to my home to help me, my joints were so painful I had to have a cane to walk. I also suffered with insomnia. After he came to my home & helped me remediate the dirty electricity in my home and followed his instructions to turn off all electrical breakers to my bedroom at night. I began to sleep like a baby. The joint pain began to melt away and I soon was walking without a cane!

Valerie W.

I was literally losing my hair. After measuring, the suggestion was that I remove my Electric Utility “Smart Meter.” Shortly after my “Smart Meter” was removed, I quit losing my hair. I’m extremely grateful.

Micah J.

When spoke in May when you helped me in understanding how to deal with some EMF issues in my mother’s house (in Brooklyn, NY) and specifically her bedroom. Thanks again for that! It’s amazing to me, how danger from Bluetooth radiation seems so easily dismissed in popular culture. Thank you for being a voice that speaks out about the bigger picture and serious health concerns regarding EMF and “smart” devices!

John S.

I was not sleeping well and experiencing severe lethargy. The EMR in my sleeping area was 80xs the safe level. Stop Dirty Electricity provided easy fixes.

I am so grateful to have the energy I thought I left behind, and can enjoy safe sleeping levels in my new home.

Norine T.

Thanks again for the superb EMF inspection you did at my home! Your follow-up report was very complete and easy to read and understand. I’ve implemented as many of the suggestions that you’ve recommended (that are under my control). I plan to call on you again in the near future for an update inspection.

Ed Allen

I was unaware of the many dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation until talking with Bill. By following the Cadwallader Protocol for radiation reduction I feel much safer and confident I have reduced my exposure to its harmful effects. Thank you!”

Carolyn C.

EMF Phone Consult

Thank you so much for your time today Bill. Thanks for answering all my questions during our phone consult, it was really useful for me to speak with you, I appreciated a lot.

John S.

The Gigahertz EMF Meter (ME 3830B) was added to my meter collection recently. Each time I use a meter my experience grows and I learn a little more. I’m pleased to report my health has improved since we last spoke. Thanks for the great resources of your books and website.

David L.

Thank you for your time during our phone consult. You have been so helpful through the years! Glad to hear you are doing well during this crazy time.


EMF Health Summit

I found you through the EMF Summit hosted by Lloyd Burrell. I think you are absolutely amazing! I love your EMF books.

Amy S.

I listened to your discussion/lecture with Lloyd Burrell yesterday, it was one of the VERY BEST EVER and I have been listening to Lloyd’s Interviews for years!!!!

Don M.

I just listened to your interview with Lloyd Burrell. Bravo. I really appreciate your very thorough approach.

James R.