If you would want an even more detailed discussion on your specific situation, we will review your audit report and send a 12 to 18 page report with proven suggestions detailing how to reduce your Electromagnetic Radiation.

Keep in mind that the Audit Report follows exclusively The Cadwallader Protocol. To develop The Cadwallader Protocol, we surveyed all of the available research and the available techniques used to detect and reduce all of the Electromagnetic Radiation in a home. We have a specific order in the way you should test your home and a checklist of all of the items to test  to make sure you do not miss important items in your home.

After many hours of testing and ease-of-use criteria, we determined specific meters you should use to test your home. By far, these are the easiest meters to use and understand. Anyone can use these meters and understand what they are doing – no matter what their background is.

If you already have different meters and do not want to purchase new meters now, contact us and we will send you specific safety limits related to your existing meters.

Meters can use different units and it is very important to make sure you are using the safety limits related to your particular meters. Safety limits are constantly changing and we provide the most current safety limits for the security of your family.

The Audit report will take you step-by-step following exclusively The Cadwallader Protocol.

Contact us for pricing.