Dirty Electricity Filter & Meters
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Greenwave filters remove dirty electricity, also known as electromagnetic interference (EMI) and dirty power, from building wiring before it radiates potentially harmful Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) into rooms.

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To reduce the other 3 forms of Electromagnetic Radiation first:

  • Magnetic Radiation
  • Electric Radiation
  • Wireless / WiFi /RF Radiation

before you measure Dirty Electricity and use the these filters to reduce the Dirty Electricity.

This is the most direct and effective way to target this type of electrical pollution. The less dirty electricity that is flowing along electrical wiring, the less that will radiate into your environment.

The filters utilize state-of-the-art EMI filtering technology and are made with the highest quality components and materials to ensure maximum dirty electricity filtration. The circuitry in the filters deploys classic capacitance technology designed to “short out” (or shunt) dirty electricity, while allowing standard 60-Hertz electrical current to pass through the filter unimpeded. The filters are most effective at reducing electrical noise (EMI) between 1 kHz and 30,000 kHz (i.e., 30 MHz).

Greenwave dirty electricity filters were designed by a team of EMI experts, including the research and development team of a notable U.S. defense contractor (a leader in EMI filtration) and Richard Ozenbaugh, author of the landmark book EMI Filter Design.

TheGreenwaveBroadband EMI Meteris a revolutionary tool for accurately measuring the amount of dirty electricity (a.k.a., electrical noise, line noise, EMI) present on the wiring in buildings and for guiding the installation of dirty electricity filters.

Key Features

  • Measures a broad range of dirty electricity (EMI) frequencies
  • The meter measures dirty electricity (EMI) frequencies from around 3 Kilohertz up to 10,000 Kilohertz (i.e., 10 Megahertz), a range that extends approximately 5 times lower and 20 times higher than the range covered by other plug-in dirty electricity meters.
  • Easy to use!
  • Simply plug the meter into electrical outlets to find out how much dirty electricity is on nearby wiring. The electronic display shows readings in millivolts (mV), an internationally accepted standard electrical unit of measure.
  • Makes “BEFORE filter” and “AFTER filter” comparisons easy
  • The meter can show “BEFORE filter” and “AFTER filter” dirty electricity readings on the same screen simultaneously. The “AFTER filter” display screen also shows the % reduction in total EMI between approximately 3 Kilohertz and 10,000 Kilohertz (i.e., 10 Megahertz).
  • Let’s you listen to dirty electricity – Hear the difference filters make!
  • The meter converts dirty electricity frequencies into representative sound so you can listen to the electrical noise on your wiring when the meter is plugged in. Hear the noise decrease as dirty electricity filters are installed.
  • Compatible with 50/60-Hz, 100-240V electrical circuits.
  • The meter can be used in most countries around the world and will come with a plug suitable for the electrical outlets in your environment.

Evaluate Your Environment – Do You Have Too Much Dirty Electricity?

WithGreenwave’s Broadband EMI Meter, it is easy to find out whether dirty electricity levels in your environment are higher than desirable. The meter presents dirty electricity readings in millivolts (mV). Ideally levels should be below 25 mV in all rooms within your environment. Levels above 50 mV are undesirable and should be reduced.

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A gray background with a white border.An easy to use digital display shows you the amount of Dirty Electricity present on an electrical circuit in your home or office.

The GS meter measures the level of harmful electromagnetic “energy” present, and its primary use is to help with effective filter installation. Microsurge meters are low-cost and easy to use by non-technical people. The meters were designed to measure radio frequency “energy” present on AC circuits, which are the frequencies most detrimental to human health.

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