Package 1-Dirty Electricity


Our Dirty Electricity package one includes one Stetzer meter, two month membership to our video library, and our Cadwallader Protocol Dirty Electricity Audit Report.

Dirty Electricity Meter - SDE 803 Stetzer


7 Digital Videos

$0.00 for 2 months and a $47.00 sign-up fee

Dirty Electricity Audit Report




Dirty Electricity is a form of high-frequency radiation that emanates up to eight feet, riding along wires inside of homes and buildings. Dirty Electricity is all around us — in homes, schools, and businesses. It is produced when electronics, appliances, energy-efficient lights, and other electrical devices convert one form of electricity to another in order to operate.

The Dirty Electricity Video Package 1 Includes:

  1. Dirty Electricity Meter (plus S&H & tax – where applicable)
  2. 2-Month Membership to 7 Digital Videos that walk you step-by-step through the process of Determining & Minimizing Electro-pollution / Electromagnetic Radiation Issues in your Personal Environment as a result of Dirty Electricity Exclusive Cadwallader Protocol Dirty Electricity Audit Report.
  3. Exclusive Cadwallader Protocol Dirty Electricity Audit Report

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