Book: EXPOSED: The Electronic Sickening of America and How to Protect Yourself

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What Our Readers Are Saying the Book: EXPOSED (Amazon Reviews)

“EASY SOLUTIONS: I like the fact that this book provides easy solutions that are doable. I can see myself taking some of the actions the author suggests.”

“SCARY SUBJECT, FRIENDLY AUTHOR: This subject frightens me so much that I have simply avoided researching it. But Bill Cadwallader writes in a friendly and knowledgeable way, and he gives us practical ideas of how to cope with the issue of electromagnetic radiation. I know this is a resource I will refer to often.”

“FIVE STARS: This was very informative. I have already made some changes around my house. Thank you, Mr. Cadwallader!”

“AN IMPORTANT BOOK: What an important book for our time! Our family has made several changes for the health and safety of our home based on the recommendations in Exposed. The authors are experts in their field and have clearly done their research.”

“A NECESSARY READ: This is an insightful, well researched, easily understood, important read. Particularly helpful were ways to go about protecting yourself and, more importantly, children.”


EXPOSED gives you the accurate scientific information you need to separate the truth from the electronics industry’s fake news and rampant mis-information about the supposed safety of wireless technology and what is increasingly being called “dirty electricity.” Brain tumors and other kinds of cancers are dramatically on the rise – the link between these cancers and the widespread use of smart phones, tablets and laptops, Bluetooth devices and the remarkable proliferation of WiFi terminals is clear and unassailable.

However, beyond these well-documented, myth-busting facts, EXPOSED gives you practical, easy-to-implement solutions. Recognizing that societal changes all but demand that most of us have and use smart phones, authors Bill and Lois Cadwallader offer a range of Good, Better and Best solutions to minimize your exposure to the problems – including long-term lethality – created by avalanche of radiation created by this 21st Century digital electronic revolution.