Protect Your Environment From Harmful Radiation


What Is EMR?

EMR is the broad term that represents the four types of “electro-pollution” or “electro-smog” that bleeds into our environment from various . . .

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Where Is EMR?

Electromagnetic Radiation is all around us — in homes, office, malls, buildings, school, hospitals. It moves at the speed of light . . .

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EMR Risks

Scientists have linked EMR to many modern diseases, Neurological, Cardiac, Respiratory, Skin, Eyes, Digestion. Common disorders would be. . .

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In Danger Of EMR?

Is your exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation likely to be? (A) – Extreme Concern, (B) – Severe Concern, or (C) – Slight Concern . . .

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I was not sleeping well and experiencing severe lethargy.  The EMR in my sleeping area was 80xs the safe level. Stop Dirty Electricity provided easy fixes. I am so grateful to have the energy I thought I left behind, and can enjoy safe sleeping levels in my new home.
Norine T.
I was literally losing my hair. After measuring, the suggestion was that I remove my Electric Utility “Smart Meter.” Shortly after my “Smart Meter” was removed, I quit losing my hair. I’m extremely grateful.
Micah J.
I was unaware of the many dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation until talking with Bill. By following the Cadwallader Protocol for radiation reduction I feel much safer and confident I have reduced my exposure to its harmful effects. Thanks!
Carolyn C.

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